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Building Your Own Library of Anti-fraud and Continuous Monitoring Tests WEBCAST


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1.0 Credits

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In this course, you will gain a broad understanding of the various anti-fraud preventive and detective tests available to practitioners and take initial steps in building your own library of tests unique to your business or industry risks. Specific discussions and examples will include vendor analysis to look for potentially improper payments around conflicts of interests, fake vendor schemes, bribery and corruption, sanctions and trade compliance, anomalous payments, segregation of duties, among other risk categories. You will also explore tests around customers or distributors that include margin analysis, free goods, discounts and revenue recognition. Further, we will explore employee related test to mitigate travel and entertainment expense abuses. We will also point out various online and public resources for participants to start building their own library of tests to support both reactive investigations as well as proactive prevention and detection.


Build your own forensic data analytics tests around vendors, customers or employees. Expand your knowledge and library of available anti-fraud tests and behavioral algorithms. Align the right tests to the appropriate risks. Practical applications and use cases.



Designed For

CPAs, including external auditors, internal auditors, CFEs, and investigators.


Exposure to hundreds of anti-fraud tests around vendors, customers and employees. Understand the difference between rules based (supervised) test vs. statistical (unsupervised) tests and why they are both important. Learn the importance of text mining and natural language processing to find corrupt intent. Build your own library of anti-fraud tests using various public resources.






  • Vince Walden, BPN Inc

Non-Member Price $59.00

Member Price $39.00