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Data Extraction, Transformation, Validation the Right Data Sources for Analysis WEBCAST


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2.0 Credits

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In this course, we will explore the various types of data - both structured and unstructured - used in conducting fraud risk investigations and proactive monitoring. We will explore the various tools available on the market and techniques to confirm completeness and accuracy of the data before the analysis begins. This course will cover the process for selecting the right data sources to align with the various risks as well as pitfalls to avoid when preparing the data for analysis.


Understand various data types. Structured vs. unstructured data. Completeness and validation testing. Selecting the right data sources for the job. Risks and pitfalls to avoid.


Basic knowledge of forensic data analytics.

Designed For

All accountants, internal audit, finance, investigators, compliance and risk professionals.


Understand various data sources available to accountants for use in forensic data analysis. Differences between structured vs. unstructured data. Various extract, transform and load tools and techniques available. How to select the right data sources for the job. Key risks and pitfalls to avoid.






  • Vince Walden, BPN Inc

Non-Member Price $109.00

Member Price $79.00