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Become Rich Without Selling Your Soul WEBCAST


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Getting rich requires many things. First, you need to know how to overcome previous limitations you may have had about making a lot of money. Second, you need to know and use the best financial strategies for becoming wealthy–including the latest investment and marketing strategies. And third, you need to be able to enjoy your lifestyle, and look at what obstacles get in the way of you being rich and fully contented. By exploring the latest methods for achieving financial and personal success, you’ll be able to make a lot more money and have a great time doing it.


How to know your specific obstacles to becoming rich. Why people use poor marketing and investment strategies, and how to overcome such limitations. The most effective marketing methods, and how to implement them. The power of being super motivated, and 3 methods to keep you motivated long term towards your goals. Having a vision for your business and life that will keep you on the right track.



Designed For

This course is designed for anyone wanting to increase their business or improve their connection to employees, clients, and bosses.


Know the 5 key obstacles that keep people from becoming rich. Learn new marketing and investment strategies that have been proven to work. Know what creates a sense of success and contentment in you. Have a plan for expanding your income while maintaining a balanced life.






Leader Bios

Jonathan Robinson, Workshops by Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson is an Associate with Frank Sanitate Associates. He is a psychotherapist, author, and professional speaker from Santa Barbara, California. Jonathan has reached over a million people around the world with his practical methods, and his work has been translated into 47 languages. Mr. Robinson has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey and other TV talk shows, CNN, and CNBC. Among his books are: Shortcuts to Bliss, Instant Insight: 200 Ways to Create the Life You Really Want and Communication Miracles for Couples. His specialty is teaching people simple techniques that can have a profound impact on the quality of their life. He has an M.A. and an M.F.C.C.

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Non-Member Price $159.00

Member Price $129.00