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Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging WEBCAST


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Many organizations unconsciously fail to exhibit diversity, inclusion and belonging. This course provides an opportunity for leaders to understand diversity language and definitions, build awareness of biases and stereotypes, recognize how our own actions protect our awareness gaps, and find a level of understanding concerning where we are and where we want to be in the future


Why you should be thinking about inclusion. How racism impacts your workplace at all. Where you might be vulnerable and unaware.



Designed For

All business professionals.


How to recognize systems that support racism, including unconscious bias and microaggressions. The meanings of different types of racism, including explicit, passive, and systemic racism. What it means to be anti-racist. How systemic racism shows up at work and what to do about it.






Leader Bios

Tish Times, BPN Inc

Tish Times is a sales and networking expert, speaker, trainer, author and the founder of Tish Times Networking and Sales and Tish Times Corporate Training. A corporate executive turned entrepreneur, Tish has grown her business exclusively through implementing the systems she teaches groups, companies, and professional organizations around the world. The key to Tish Times’ training lies in balancing inter-personal and intra-personal awareness with targeted strategy and proven systems. She teaches audiences to understand both their natural tendencies and others’ personalities to enhance communication in the workplace and with potential customers. Tish also shares systems to empower employees with the confidence to effectively communicate. Whether you are looking to improve communication, develop brand evangelists, improve camaraderie, empower your team, or build your presence online or offline, Tish Times can deliver the strategy, tools, and personable approach to revolutionize the success of your organization.

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Non-Member Price $59.00

Member Price $39.00