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Retirement Planning: Next Stage for You or Your Client WEBINAR


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If you or your clients are facing that stage of life where careers are passing into the background, and a new “to be determined” life is emerging, then you are entering what is called “retirement”. Some people are excited, some are scared, and most are both. There are many issues and questions people face at this time - what to do with time, financial, relationships, health, identity and more.


Welcome to Your Next Stage – Developing a new perspective on what this next stage is really all about. It’s About Time – Discovering a new sense of purpose. Money Matters – Assessing your financial conditions. Relationships Matter Too – Addressing needed or potential changes in your relationships. Healthy Habits – Examining new or renewed ways to stay healthy. Who I Am – Creating a new identity, and answering “So what do you do?” My Master Plan – Figuring out what to do next



Designed For

A professional considering, planning or engaged in retirement for oneself or for one’s clients.


Recognize a healthy and holistic understanding of this new stage of life. Recognize new sense of direction and purpose for your life. Recall what needs to change or remain regarding your financial conditions, relationships and healthy habits. Recognize a new way to describe yourself and your identity. Develop a master plan for being successful in this new stage of your life. Recall a few key ideas that you can do now which will prepare yourself for this stage later.






  • Tom Wilson, CPA Crossings LLC

Non-Member Price $109.00

Member Price $89.00