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Become the Board Treasurer for a Performing Arts Support Nonprofit

Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) is seeking a Board Treasurer to help us fulfill our strategic plan, support our new Executive Director, build our visibility in the community through programs and events, and expand our fundraising portfolio.

Date Posted

November 08, 2023


Board Seat


Seattle, WA

Board Treasurer

The Board Treasurer is the first-line consultant for the Chief Executive on financial matters, and oversees all matters related to the organization’s finances, property, and budget. As the Finance Committee Chair, the Board Treasurer also advises the Chief Executive on Grants, Fundraising, and organizational fiduciary matters to include review of the draft annual organizational budget before presentation to the larger Finance Committee and full board of directors. Generally, the Board Treasurer also serves as the Finance Committee Chair and is a member of the Executive Committee. They also attend the semimonthly Grants Meeting with the Executive Director, Business Manager, and Grants Manager, and often the Board President. Outside of the role of Board President, this volunteer position requires the greatest time commitment with an average of 8-10 hours a month. 

About the project and the company

We are looking for professionals from all sectors to join the board of directors at Theatre Puget Sound and help us fulfill our strategic plan, support our new Executive Director, build our visibility in the community through programs and events, and expand our fundraising portfolio. 

As a Non-Profit Service Organization, TPS relies on its Board Members to:

  • Embrace and foster the mission of Theatre Puget Sound both internally and externally, interpreting the organization’s work and values to the community, representing the organization, and acting as an ambassador and spokesperson for TPS. 
  • Be informed about Theatre Puget Sound’s services, policies, events, and programs and help educate the community at large about TPS. 
  • Stay informed of significant developments in the Puget Sound theatre community.
  • Provide leadership for TPS and carry out fiduciary responsibilities by reviewing budgets and forecasts, etc.

Three legal responsibilities of the Board of Directors

  1. Duty of Care – ensure prudent uses of resources, facilities, assets, people, good will
  2. Duty of Loyalty – ensure the advancement of mission and best interests of the organization
  3. Duty of Obedience – adhere to laws, regulations, and organization’s own bylaws

The Board’s 3 Essential Functions

  1. Setting direction & strategy. The most important of the 3 functions. 
    1. Understand TPS’ Mission & Programs
    2. Set TPS’ strategic direction; Monitor impact of strategic goals 
    3. Understanding the operational environment (funding landscape, public policy, people, legislative issues)
    4. Relationship building within the community to further TPS Mission
    5. Build a diverse and inclusive board with a commitment to equity and anti-racism
  2. Providing oversight.
    1. Attend at least 75% of meetings
    2. Review meeting materials in preparation for meetings
    3. Provide guidance to the Chief Executive
    4. Approve annual budget; Ensure fiscal responsibility in expenditures
    5. Disclose any conflicts of interest
  3. Ensuring Resources.
    1. Safeguard TPS resources
    2. People, Money, & Connections
    3. Enable financial capacity
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